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Make AI understandable

for your employees
by learning from some of the best AI experts
in Germany

Welcome to the AI Academy

We understand the increasing demand and importance given by the companies to know all about the possibilities of using AI and data. In our training workshops you will learn about the most innovative and best solutions to overcome all kinds of challenges which you face in your AI journey starting from Conceptualization, Validation Data extraction till final AI-enabled business processes and products.

Only experienced and highly educated Data Scientists train in our AI Academy. Our team always focuses on giving sound technical foundations as well as practical applications and best practices.

The Advantages

advantage 1

Benefit from our knowledge of over 200+ Industrial projects while working with Fortune 500 companies.

advantage 2

Build AI Data Science and machine learning skills in your company

advantage 3

Learn from the best AI, Data Science and machine learning experts at your facility

You will Learn

Learn 1
Creation of AI use-cases

In one day, you will be able to create your own AI use-cases

Learn 2
Machine Learning training for beginners

In one day, you will learn the basics of machine learning

Learn 3
Supervised machine learning for beginners

In one day, you will learn the basics of supervised machine learning

Learn 4
Unsupervised machine learning for beginners

In one day, you will learn the basics of unsupervised machine learning

Learn 5
Evaluation of AI/ML Models

In one day, you will learn the evaluation of AI/ML models

Learn 6
AI and Data Science master journey for executives

We also provide special tailor made training to senior executives who want to successfully drive digitalization and complete their AI/ML based projects

Your Benefits

Best AI Experts
AI Experts and experienced Data Scientists as Trainers.
Training Courses
Practical, relevant and customized training courses
54+ years of human experience

The change we brought
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Most advanced ready to use AI modules for manufacturing data analytics
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Accuracy of our AI models
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Increase in OEE
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Improvement of delivery time
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Decrease in energy costs
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Reduction in quality defects